Monday, December 21, 2015

The hottest multiplayer game of 2015 was....

Single player games are great, but multiplayer games are more sociable and exciting just because you’re playing against someone else. Even in its very early days games like Maze War or Pong made it clear to us that gaming is all about having a great time while also sharing it with others. 

In this day and age of the internet you often find yourself online playing against all sorts of gamers from across the globe. What’s more, multi-player games are even edging on the outskirts of professional sports today; this is evident in the steady rise of eSports in the United States. Although it offers a whole new world to video games enthusiasts, rest assured that for the casual player enjoying a game of multi-player video games is probably the best way in which to enjoy and have a blast.

The hottest multiplayer game of 2015, in my humble opinion, was Rocket League. This friendly game of automobile soccer was a welcome change from the typical shoot and kill people games that typically dominate multiplayer games in recent years. Rocket League is fun and exciting multiplayer action. 

Some of the all-time favorite games from the classic to the very recent will most certainly involve racing games, Need for Speed came out with a multi-player version of its game right from the start. The players can be at one location or two different ones over an internet connection. The game offers a split screen version and each player can note who their competing against. Similarly, arena games including firing games such as Call of Duty and Moha offer a whole new experience to the player. 


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