Monday, October 17, 2016

Overwatch, My Favorite Game.

Image result for overwatchOverwatch has been my game ever since a few months ago. Overwatch is a first person shooter game that take place in the future. Omnics(robots) declared war and now you have to fight each other. The game has nothing to do with the story but is still super fun. There are 22 characters(currently) to play as, all with different abilities and ultimate abilities. This game has no gore or blood at all, a few bad words but everything else is child freindly for a shooter game. This is level 7, but I have reached level 122 in Overwatch. This game is so addicting and has holiday updates, like right now, there is Halloween. I play Overwatch on my Xbox One, if you would like to play sometime, my name is Takingsummer471. I am usually on all the time on weekends. I hope see play with some of you! Until then, see you later, gamers.

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  1. Hello,

    First of all, Overwatch does seem like an awesome game. I've watched a bit of it on Twitch, but haven't yet started playing (mostly because I'm guessing I'll get addicted to it!).

    I couldn't find a contact email address for you, so apologies for communicating via your comments. I noticed that you are the owner of, but aren't currently using it (it redirects to this Would you be interested in selling I'm working on a habit-forming website/app and Level7 is one of my options for a name.

    If you're interested, please contact me at

    Many thanks, and keep on gaming!

    - Jack

  2. In truth, with the nomination "Game of the year", Blizzard Entertainment presented it to the players. When playing your eyes should delight by Overwatch and although
    I had to download msvcp110.dll I was able to reach the 5th level after that.
    I'll move on to the next one as soon as there's a free minute) Thanks for the review!