Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Watch me play the NEW Five Nights at Freddy's game!(Warning: Scary!)

Image result for fnaf sister locationHey everyone! I have made my first video on Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location! We played night 1 and 2. I had a blast, I am currently working on night 3 and part of night 4. The video is right down below! Check it out and like if you want.

Image result for fnaf sister locationThis game has five main characters, Circus Baby, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, and Ennard. This game takes place underground where you have to do nightly jobs, like fixing the animatronics and repairing other things. This is also a horror game with many flshing lights, loud sounds, and jumpscares! I personally love these games and I am excited to play it on my channel! 

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