Sunday, March 5, 2017

Overwatch: Season 4 is Upon Us!

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Overwatch competitive season 4 has just recently started, what rank are you?

Placement System

Let's be honest, I think most of us think the placement ranks are kinda broken. This season I won 3 matches/ lost 5 matches/ tied 2 matches. I was placed at 1590. I was somewhat mad at this because it reflects off of the past season where I ended at about 1800.

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This seasons meta, wow, so... Bastion IS the new meta this season. With his recent buff, he can't be stopped. Also with the new hero, Orisa (I haven't played her yet because  I'm on Xbox One), she is part of the meta and could possibly replace Reinhardt and/or Zarya.
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I have come to a conclusion that the more consecutive wins you get in comp, the more SR you will receive per match. I know this because I went on a 12 win streak and began to get 80 SR each game before I lost.